Macau (China) Croatia Mozambique Martinique Korea, South Dominica Czech Republic (Czechia) Italy Angola Solomon Islands Seychelles Panama There isn't a lot of logic! Kenya Paracel Islands Iran Senegal E Bangladesh Rwanda Benin Belarus D A C Country Club - D. B. Budd Butte; D1 Water Well - D4-OE-1 Water Well Colombia G Malta Christmas Island Kyrgyzstan Beta version Roll over a country to display the country name in the six UN languages. El Salvador Croatia List of gulfs – Wikipedia list article. Tajikistan Luxembourg Armenia Saudi Arabia Ethiopia Geographical Baby Names Browse below for Geographical Baby Names, which includes gender, meaning and origin. Saint Kitts and Nevis Madagascar Chad Cook Islands Saint Helena China Kiribati We just need to learn if we need 'the' or 'no article' for each kind of place. Cayman Islands Getty Thesaurus of Geographic Names (TGN) is a structured vocabulary of geographic names for indexing art and architecture. This is a list of geographic acronyms and initialisms.That is, it's a list of the names of cities, towns, lakes, and other geographic places that are derived from acronyms. Criteria for Name Changes in South Africa . Bosnia and Herzegovina England Svalbard Guadeloupe Kosovo Bolivia Peru Isle of Man Bhutan Equatorial Guinea Costa Rica France Phinney Elementary School, "Raymond Bice, Junior House" - Rabbittown Missionary Baptist Church, Rail's End Mobile Home Park - Rainbow Cove, Rainbow Creek Research Natural Area - Rainbow Rock, Ralph Korte Stadium Bob Guelker Soccer Field - Rambin School, Randall Mullins Lake Dam - Randolph School, Rasta Ranch Vineyards And Nursery - Rattle River, Rattle Rock Saddle - Rattlesnake Draw Reservoir, Raymond R Corbett Building - Razzle Creek, RC and Celeste Wahlert Atrium - Rct Christian Renewal Ministry, Red Rock Ridge - Red Star Post Office (historical), Reese School (historical) - Reformed Church of Palos Heights, Reformed Church of Piermont - Regina Laudis Priory, Remlinger Fish Farm - Rennet Bag Recreation Area, Renney Dam - Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints - Research Triangle Park, Research Triangle State Park - Reservoir Number 1, Reservoir Number 1 - Rest Post Office (historical), Reynolds Circle Lake - Rezzies Child Care Center, RG 10949 Water Well - RG-27604 Water Well, RG-27605 Water Well - RG9302-S-2 Water Well, RI AI Canoga Park B/2 Helistop - Rice Drain, Richards Lake Number 2 Dam - Richardson Rock, Richland Church - Richman High School (historical), Rieger Creek - Riggsville Post Office (historical), Ringwood Iron Plant Mine - Rio Vista Assembly of God Church, Rio Vista Baptist Center - Ripsnorter Creek, Ripstein Campground - Ritch-Leaphart Hospital (historical), River Island Park - River Run East Public Use Area, River Run Public Use Area - Rivercrest Trailer Park, Ro Ellen Division (historical) - Road Run, Robertson Ranch - Robinson Bayou Revetment, Roche Harbor - Rock Buffalo School (historical), Rock Union School (historical) - Rockefeller University Hospital, Rockhouse Hollow - Rockport Post Office (historical), Rockport Post Office (historical) - Rockwell Spring, Rogers Cemetery - Rogers Police Department, Rogers Pond (historical) - Rokeby (historical), Rokeby (historical) - Rolling Greens Golf Course, Rolling Greens Mobile Home Park Library - Rollinson Channel Light, Rollinson Channel Light - Romero PLC Water Well, Romero Post Office (historical) - Roof Pond, Root River - Rosby Post Office (historical), Rose Drain Eight - Rose Hill School (historical), Rose Hill School (historical) - Rose Spring, Rose Springs (historical) - Rosedale Beach, Roselawn School (historical) - Rosenwald School (historical), Rosenwald School (historical) - Roslin Post Office (historical), Round Rock Baptist Church - Round Willows, Round-A-Bout Mobile Home Park - Route 108 Cemetery, Route 124 Plaza Shopping Center - Rowena Post Office (historical), Rowena Post Office (historical) - Roxie Theatre, Royston Commercial Historic District - Rozzelle Bridge, RT Seaway Eisenhower Vessel Traffic Control - RTR Middle School, Ruggs Post Office (historical) - Run Branch, Rupes Grove Church - Rush Creek Site 19 Reservoir, Rush Creek Site 2 Dam - Rush Strong School (historical), Russell Bend - Russell Mill Pond Seaplane Base, Russia Town (historical) - Ruth Dykeman Center, RV Acres Campground - RVSD Store Water Well, Rye Creek Reservoir Dam - Ryusenji Soto Mission, Río Abajo Barrio (inactive) - Ríos Barrio (inactive), Sacred Heart Church - Sacred Heart School, Sage Creek - Saginaw Bay Historical Marker, Saginaw Bay Marina - Saint Agatha Convent, Saint Agatha Elementary School - Saint Aloysius Cemetery, Saint Aloysius Cemetery - Saint Andrews at the Eagles, Saint Andrews Baptist Church - Saint Andrews School, Saint Andrews School - Saint Anns Catholic Church, Saint Anns Catholic Church - Saint Anthony of Padua School, Saint Anthony of Padua School - Saint Augustine Burying Ground, Saint Augustine Cathedral - Saint Basil's Roman Catholic Church, Saint Basil's Russian Orthodox Church - Saint Bonaface School (historical), Saint Bonafice Cemetery - Saint Catherine Catholic Church, Saint Catherine Catholic Church - Saint Charles Cemetery, Saint Charles Cemetery - Saint Clair Street Bridge, Saint Clair Street Historic District - Saint Croix Lutheran High School, Saint Croix Lutheran School - Saint Edward City Park Campground, Saint Edward City Park - Saint Emanuel Church, Saint Emanuel Lutheran Cemetery - Saint Francis De Sales School (historical), Saint Francis De Sales School (historical) - Saint Francis Xavier Church, Saint Francis Xavier Church - Saint George Serbian Orthodox Church, Saint George Serbian Orthodox Church - Saint Helena Creek, Saint Helena Division (inactive) - Saint Jacobs Cemetery, Saint Jacobs Cemetery - Saint James Church, Saint James Church - Saint James Espiscopal Church (historical), Saint James Estates - Saint Jarlath Church, Saint Jarlath School - Saint John Cemetery, Saint John Cemetery - Saint John Lutheran Church, Saint John Lutheran Church - Saint John the Baptist Serbian Eastern Orthodox Church, Saint John the Baptist Serbian Orthodox Church - Saint John's Lutheran Church, Saint John's Lutheran Church - Saint Johns Cemetery, Saint Johns Cemetery - Saint Johns Church, Saint Johns Church - Saint Johns Episcopal Church, Saint Johns Episcopal Church - Saint Johns Memorial Cemetery, Saint Johns Memorial Garden - Saint Johns United Church of Christ, Saint Johns United Church of Christ - Saint Joseph Cemetery, Saint Joseph Cemetery - Saint Joseph Missionary Baptist Church, Saint Joseph Missionary Baptist Church - Saint Joseph's Park, Saint Joseph's Parochial School (historical) - Saint Josephs Cemetery, Saint Josephs Cemetery - Saint Josephs School, Saint Josephs School - Saint Ladislaus Roman Catholic Church, Saint Ladislaus Roman Catholic Church - Saint Louis Cemetery, Saint Lukes Church - Saint Margaret Catholic School, Saint Margaret Cemetery - Saint Mark United Methodist Church, Saint Mark United Methodist Church - Saint Marks Episcopal Church, Saint Marks Episcopal Church - Saint Martins Church, Saint Martins Church - Saint Mary of the Hills Elementary School, Saint Mary of the Immaculate Conception Church - Saint Mary's Parochial School, Saint Mary's Parochial School - Saint Marys Cemetery, Saint Marys Cemetery - Saint Marys Cemetery, Saint Marys Cemetery - Saint Marys Church, Saint Marys Church - Saint Marys Roman Catholic Church, Saint Marys Roman Catholic Church - Saint Marys Ukranian Church, Saint Marys United Church of Christ - Saint Matthews Church, Saint Matthews Church - Saint Michael Cemetery, Saint Michael Cemetery - Saint Michaels Church, Saint Michaels Church - Saint Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church, Saint Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church - Saint Patrick's Roman Catholic Church, Saint Patrick's Roman Catholic Church - Saint Patricks Roman Catholic Church, Saint Patricks Roman Catholic Church - Saint Paul Christian Methodist Episcopal Church, Saint Paul Christian Methodist Episcopal Church - Saint Paul Lutheran Church, Saint Paul Lutheran Church - Saint Paul United Methodist Church, Saint Paul United Methodist Church - Saint Pauls Catholic Church, Saint Pauls Catholic Church - Saint Pauls Church, Saint Pauls Church - Saint Pauls Episcopal Church, Saint Pauls Episcopal Church - Saint Pauls Railroad Station (historical), Saint Pauls Reformed Church (historical) - Saint Peter Church, Saint Peter Church - Saint Peters Catholic Church, Saint Peters Catholic Church - Saint Peters Church, Saint Peters Church - Saint Philip Church, Saint Philip Church - Saint Raphael Academy, Saint Raphael Cathedral - Saint Rose of Lima School, Saint Rose of Lima School - Saint Stephen Lutheran Cemetery, Saint Stephen Lutheran Church - Saint Stevens Cemetery, Saint Stevens Cemetery - Saint Thomas Catholic Church, Saint Thomas Catholic Church - Saint Thomas University Law School Annex, Saint Thomas University Law School - Saint Vincents Academy, Saint Vincents Catholic Church - Saints Peter and Paul Catholic Church, Saints Peter and Paul Catholic Church - Salamander Lake, Salem Church - Salem Lutheran Church Cemetery, Salt Creek Site 46 Reservoir - Salt Lake City Fire Station Number 9, Salt Lake City Foursquare Gospel Church - Salt Springs Village Mobile Home Park, Sam H Hobbs Water Treatment Plant - Samp Mortar Reservoir, Samp Post Office (historical) - Samuel (historical), Samuel - Elam Park - San Antonio Preparatory Academy, San Antonio Public Library - San Diego High School, San Diego Hospice - San Geronimo Valley Elementary School, San Jose 6 Water Well - San Luis Rey Cemetery, San Luis Rey Down Thoroughbred Training Center - San Pedro Elementary School, San Pedro Elementary School - Sanborn Cemetery, Sand Fork School (historical) - Sand Hollow, Sandwich Census Designated Place - Sandy Creek Site 23 Dam, Sandy Creek Site 23 Reservoir - Sandy Hill, Sandy Hill - Sandy Ridge School (historical), Sandy Ridge School (historical) - Sanford Health Camp, Santa Fe Archery Club - Santa Paula Canyon Trail, Santee School (historical) - Sappony Cemetery, Saunders East Oil Field - Savanna High School, Savanna Islands - Saw Tooth School (historical), Sawyerville Division (inactive) - Sa`ilele, Scarborough Presbyterian Church - Schaeffer Hill, Schlosser Park - Schoenhals Elementary School, Schoenhals School - School Number Four (historical), School Number Four (historical) - School Number 1, School Number 1 - School Number 11 (historical), School Number 11 (historical) - School Number 137, School Number 137 - School Number 19 (historical), School Number 19 (historical) - School Number 2, School Number 3 - School Number 4 (historical), School Number 4 (historical) - School Number 47 (historical), School Number 47 (historical) - School Number 52, School Number 52 - School Number 61 (historical), School Number 61 (historical) - School Number 74, School Number 74 - School Number 9 (historical), School Number 9 (historical) - School Street Square Shopping Center, School Street United Methodist Church - Schoolhouse Spring, Schuelke Hall - Schuylkill Haven Reservoir, Schuylkill Haven - Sciotoville Christian Church, Sciotoville Church of the Nazarene - Scotch-Irish Plantation Lake, Screven County Library - Sczerbiak Prospect, Se Do Mo Cha Middle School - Seabrook Police Department, Sears School (historical) - Seay Iron Mine, Second Creek - Second Saint John Missionary Baptist Church, Second Saint John Pond - Section Six Tank, Section Six Well - Sedgwick County Fire District Number 1 Station 32, Sedgwick County Fire District Number 1 Station 33 - Seep Springs Canyon, Sellers Gulch - Seminary School (historical), Seminary School (historical) - Seneca Lake Recreation Area, Sentinel School (historical) - Sergius Point, Seright (historical) - Seton Medical Center H-4 Heliport, Sevenmile Hill - Seventh Day Adventist Church, Seventh Day Adventist Church - Seventh Precinct Station House, Seventh Presbyterian Church (historical) - Seville-Midway Mine, Sgi-Usa Riverside Community Center - Sgi-Usa Riverside Community Center, SH 21 Bridge - Shadow Hills Elementary School, Shadow Hills Gospel Hall - Shady Grove Baptist Church, Shady Grove Baptist Church - Shady Grove Church, Shady Grove Church - Shady Lawn Stock Farm, Shady Lawn - Shaffer United Methodist Church, Shakopee City Hall - Shamrock Middle School, Shannon City - Sharline Post Office (historical), Sharlo - Sharonville Fire Department Station 87, Sharonville Fire Department Station 88 - Sharps Landing, Sheep Mountain Springs - Sheepcamp Spring, Sheepcamp Spring - Shekinah Glory Christian Church, Shekinah Glory Christian Fellowship Church - Sheldon Fish Hatchery, Shell Oil Company Spur (historical) - Shelter Island, Shelter Island - Shenandoah Valley Estates, Shenandoah Valley Golf Club - Shepherd of the Hills Presbyterian Church in Oak Hill, Shepherd of the Hills Presbyterian Church - Sherger Ditch, Sherwood Forrest Camp Grounds Pond Dam - Shields Camp, Shiloh Church - Shiloh Primitive Baptist Church, Shiloh Primitive Baptist Church - Shingle Branch, Shootly Branch - Shores Tabernacle Assembly of God, Sidehill Spring - Sienna Plantation Census Designated Place, Sifo - Sikes Railroad Station (historical), Sikes School (historical) - Siloam Cemetery, Silver Creek - Silver Hill Volunteer Fire Department and Rescue Squad Company 29, Silver Peak - Silver Star Mining District, Silver Star Mountain Lookout - Silverwood Airport, Simpson Peak - Simsbury Historical Society Building, Simsbury Historical Society Research Library - Singletary School, Singletary Sites - Sinners Friend Church (historical), Site Number Eighteen - Six Mile Creek Impoundment Dam, Six Mile Creek Public Use Area - Sixmile Post Office (historical), Sixmile Post Office (historical) - Sizemore Cemetery, Slaughterville Baptist Church - Sleepy Hollow School, Smith Island - Smith Mountain Lookout Tower, Smith Mountain School (historical) - Smith River, Snoddy Post Office (historical) - Snow Gulch, S'Ocholis Campground (historical) - Socorro High School, Socorro Historic District - Sodom Mountain, Sodom Mountain - Soil Conservation Service Site 10 Dam, Soil Conservation Service Site 10 Dam - Soil Conservation Service Site 13 Dam, Soil Conservation Service Site 13 Dam - Soil Conservation Service Site 19 Reservoir, Soil Conservation Service Site 19 Reservoir - Soil Conservation Service Site 26 Dam, Soil Conservation Service Site 26 Dam - Soil Conservation Service Site 39 Dam, Soil Conservation Service Site 39 Dam - Soil Conservation Service Site 6 Dam, Soil Conservation Service Site 6 Dam - Soil Conservation Service Site 8 Reservoir, Soil Conservation Service Site 8 Reservoir - Soldier Camp Trail, Soldier Camp Trailhead - Soleduck Salmon Hatchery, Solomon Sportsmans Access - Somerset Post Office (historical), Somerset Post Office (historical) - Sonoma County Alternative School, Soule Road School - South and Eastons Mill, South Anderson Baptist Chapel - South Beloit Municipal Park, South Branch Good Luck Ditch - South Bristol, South Bristol - South Carolina Noname 02082 D-2019 Dam, South Carolina Noname 02083 D-2020 Dam - South Carolina Noname 32101 D-1711 Dam, South Carolina Noname 32102 D-1003 Dam - South Channel, South Elementary School - South Fork Big Creek, South Fork Big Creek - South Fork Cottonwood Creek, South Fork Cottonwood Creek - South Fork Grove Creek, South Fork Grove Creek - South Fork Middle Ladder Creek, South Fork Middle River - South Fork Rockcastle River, South Fork Rockfish River - South Fork Trail, South Fork Trail - South Georgia Male and Female College (historical), South High School - South Junior High School, South Junior High school - South Lone Pine Creek, South Mound Creek Pool Dam - South Park Community Church, South Park Covenant Church - South Plum Creek, South San Jose Park - South Side High School, South Side High School - South Tamarind Elementary School, South Windmill - Southeast Community Church, Southeast Community College - Beatrice Campus - Southern Center for Continuing Education, Southern Center for International Studies - Southewestern Church of God, Southfield (historical) - Southport Station, Southport Towers - Southside School (historical), Southside School (historical) - Southwest High School, Southwest High School - Southwood Hosptial, Southwood Junior High School - Sozio Hall, Spaulding Cemetery - Special Services Department Library, Special Services School - Spekes Temple African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church, Spillman Cemetery - Spiritual Union Baptist Church, Spiritual Unity of Nations Church - Spokane Creek, Sportsmans Lake Dam - Spragueville (historical), Spring Creek - Spring Grove Indian Church (historical), Spring Valley Municipal Building - Springdale Hall, Springdale High School - Springfield Church, Springhill Cemetery - Springville Pond 18, SS Badger Historical Marker - SSS Aerodrome, Stafford Furnace (historical) - Stahlman Point, Stamp Dance Creek - Standing Rock Tribe Dam, Standing Rock Tribe Dam - Stanley Cemetery, Star Butte Creek - Star Pilgrim Baptist Church, State Ditch Number Fiftyone - State Line Branch, State Line Branch - State School (historical), State School (historical) - Station Spring Creek, Steeplerock (historical) - Steinmetz Creek, Stephen Millard Elementary School - Stephensville, Stephenton (historical) - Sterling Truck Trail, Stevens Cemetery - Stevens Store (historical), Stevens Store - Stewart Canyon Debris Burn, Stillhouse Cove - Stillwell Elementary School, Stillwell Elementary School - Stinnett Station, Stinnett Volunteer Fire Department - Stockdale Lake, Stockdale Mine Supply Heliport - Stoddard Congregational Church, Stone Roll Creek - Stonelick Post Office (historical), Stony Cemetery - Stony Point (historical), Stony Point (historical) - Stooling Point, Stovall Post Office (historical) - Strafford, Straford Lake Number One Dam - Strand Cemetery, Strawberry Meadows - Streeter Post Office (historical), Streeter Post Office (historical) - Stringham Bridge, Strong Tower Church of Christ - Stuart Commons, Sugar Hollow Dam - Sugar Spring Campground, Sugarloaf Mill (historical) - Sugg Number 1 Cemetery, Summitt Drive Elementary School - Sun Coast Hospital, Sunnyside Sanatorium (historical) - Sunrise Baptist Church, Sunrise Baptist Church - Sunrise School (historical), Sunrise School (historical) - Sunset Grammar School (historical), Suntrana Creek - Supervisor District 3 (inactive), Supervisor District 3 (inactive) - Surprise Canyon, Susannah Branch - Sutter Buttes State Park, SW Arkansas W D Holding Basin Dam - Swam Lake Oil Field, Swanton Elementary School - Swede Boy Mine, Swede Boys Camp - Sweeny Junior High School, Sweetwater Creek - Swift Creek Campground, Swift Creek Cemetery - Swinging Bridge Park, Sykesville Police Department - Sylvester Spring, T01 R05 WELS (inactive) - T43 MD BPP (inactive), T'awat Creek - Tabernacle of Prayer Church, Tabernacle of Prayer Church - Table Top Butte, Table Top Gulch - Tacoma Samoan Assembly of God, Tacoma Samon Seventh Day Adventist Church - Tagert Lake Dam, Tallmadge Hill Cemetery - Tamarack Creek Bog State Natural Area, Tamarack Creek Fishing Access Site - Tampa City Fire Station 16, Tampa City Fire Station 17 - Tangle Gulch, Taylor Cemetery - Taylor Evangelical Free Church, Taylor Executive Center - Taylor Mountain, "Tell Him I Blame Him for the Children We Have Lost..." Aish-Ke-Vo-Go-Zhe Historical Marker - Teasley Hollow, Temple Baptist Church - Temple Hills Baptist Church, Temple Hills Census Designated Place - Templeton Elementary School, Templeton Elementary School - Tenday Creek, Tender Care Learning Center - Tennant (historical), Tent Rocks - Tern Lake Picnic Area (historical), Tewksbury Center School - Texas Prison Museum, TGanglewood Condominium - TGP-325 Heliport, Thayer School (historical) - The Big Hogback, The Caves - The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints - The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints - The Courts of Four Seasons, The Glades - The Historical Research Center, The Knob - The Market Place Shopping Center, The Market Place Shopping Center - The Narrows, The Orchard - The Plaza at Shelter Cove Shopping Center, The Plaza at Sunrise Shopping Center - The Rock, The State University Conference Center - The Viney Reynolds Parent-Child Development Center, The Vineyard (historical) - Theobald Smith Hall, Thigpen Creek - Third Street Church of God, Third Street Church of God - Thoman School, Thomas Technical School - Thompson Cemetery, Thompson Park Campground - Thompsons Ferry (historical), Thousand Springs Creek - Three Forks Church, Thrush - Thurgood Marshall Elementary School, Thurgood Marshall Elementary - Thyne School, Ti Bar Forest Service Station - Tidds Ridge, Timber Creek Site 7 Reservoir - Timber Ridge, Timmons Creek - Tina Post Office (historical), Tina - Tinsley Grain Incorporated Elevator, TM Gathright Wildlife Management Area - Tmong, Tobys Bluff School (historical) - Toddy Mountain, Toland Landing - Tollgate Shopping Center, Tony Tank - Tope Post Office (historical), Towers Wood Park - Town Creek Indian Mound, Town of Colorado City - Town of Eagle Harbor, Town of Tellico Plains - Town of Waterford, Township of Algernon - Township of Badgett (historical), Township of Badoura - Township of Bentinck, Township of Bentley (inactive) - Township of Bluff (inactive), Township of Bluff Creek (inactive) - Township of Buchanan (inactive), Township of Buchanan (inactive) - Township of Carlton (inactive), Township of Carlton - Township of Chatham, Township of Coal - Township of Crowley (inactive), Township of Crown Hill - Township of Dimmick, Township of Eden - Township of Fabius (inactive), Township of Francis - Township of Germantown, Township of Germantown - Township of Green River (inactive), Township of Green Valley (inactive) - Township of Harriet-Lien, Township of Harris (inactive) - Township of Hill River, Township of Hill - Township of Iowa (inactive), Township of Iowa (inactive) - Township of Jerome, Township of Lake (historical) - Township of Liberty (inactive), Township of Liberty (inactive) - Township of Logan (inactive), Township of Logan (inactive) - Township of Manchester, Township of Manchester - Township of Medina, Township of Nessel - Township of Norwich (inactive), Township of Norwich - Township of Owen (inactive), Township of Owen (inactive) - Township of Pike, Township of Pike - Township of Potter (inactive), Township of Potter - Township of Richfield, Township of Richfield - Township of Roseland, Township of Roseland - Township of Saratoga, Township of Sarcoxie (inactive) - Township of Silver Lake (inactive), Township of Silver Lake - Township of Spring Rock (inactive), Township of Spring Valley (inactive) - Township of Swan Creek (inactive), Township of Swan Creek - Township of Twin Butte (inactive), Township of Twin Butte (inactive) - Township of Vance, Township of Vandalia - Township of Washington (inactive), Township of Washington (inactive) - Township of West Earl, Township of West End - Township of Wilsonville (inactive), Township of Wilton (inactive) - Towser Tank, Tp'u'nełpm Flat - TPC Stadium Golf Course, Tr Casey Creek Pond Dam D-3332 - Tracy Nursing Home, Transco Delcambre Heliport - Trappers Bay State Park, Treutlen County Airport - Tri-Town Health Services Center, Tri-Town Plaza Shopping Center - Trickel Park Campground, Trickel Park Reservoir - Trinidad Fire Department Number 2 North Side Station, Trinity Church - Trinity Episcopal Church, Trinity Episcopal Church - Trinity Lutheran Church, Trinity Lutheran Church - Trinity Methodist Church, Trinity Methodist Church - Trinity United Methodist Church, Trinity United Methodist Church - Triplett Creek, Truro Post Office (historical) - Trywood Camp, Tu-Endie-Wei Point Pleasant Battle Monument State Park - Tucker Bayou, Tukwila Operations Center Heliport - Tullers Lake, Turlington Post Office (historical) - Turner Cove, Tussey Mountain Junior-Senior High School - Tuäläuta County, TW-10 Water Well - Twenty One Mile School (historical), Twin Spring - Twiss Hill School (historical), Täfuna Industrial Park - TοΏ½f Shur Bien Preservation Trust Area, U - Cross Ranch - U.S.B.M.

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